The success of a website revolves around the user's experience while visting the site. Whether it is simply browsing, gathering information or making a transaction, the user must take away a feeling of ease and satisfaction. It is this positive take away that ensures that the user returns to the site again and again, thus ensuring a long-term relationship.
An intuitive navigation supported by a distinctive and memorable interface go a long way in building a relationship with the users. Today, with sites expected to perform ever more complex functions, creating a pleasing and usable site is the key to survival in the digital marketplace. Module one offers expertise in shaping the user experience according to your business needs.

Our creative services cover the following areas:
Website design and redesign : User Interface Design, Information Architecture, Content Strategy and Development, Usability Testing
Graphic and Logo Design
Multimedia Development :
Animated, Flash-based presentations, Audio/Video Digitization, CD-ROM development
User Interface Design
We believe that good design is more than just that. A good design is created with a specific result in mind -- to elicit a particular response from the user. Whether that response is as simple as getting newsletter subscription or the all-important final step in an e-commerce transaction, user interface is the main catalyst in these situations. Which is why you need more than just good design; you need a functional, user-oriented interface that delivers the results.

We believe in creating interfaces that are a balance between the heart and the mind. Apart from the visual appeal and branding requirements, the interfaces do full justice to the functional requirements demanded from them. The user interface forms the bridge between the user and the technological back-end that is the backbone of all business sites today.
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